Hitting the Bottom Hurts…


Life is crazy, fun, interesting, invigorating, dark, scary and lonely. I’ve been at some of my highest points and some of my lowest in the past year. Where did it all go wrong? When did I get to this place? It’s an answer I may never find, but at the end of the day, does it really matter? No great story is about how someone fell apart, it’s about how they put all the pieces together again. I’ve lived a lie for a long time. It’s exhausting, but it’s taught me that a truthful existence is far more stress-free than one made up of a tangled web. I’m on a new path…but I still can’t help but wonder. Was it New York that got me? Was it my 20s? Was it just me? From love to lust and everything it between. this city has kicked my ass and I’m ok with saying goodbye for a little bit. I’m heading off to make new memories, with new people, in a whole new place where I can be me and get back on track. I miss waking up and running in the park- now it takes all my strength to even shower. So, is this the bottom? It sure is mine and I’m starting to see how wonderful the climb will be. 

Thanks in advance for your opinion, pretty kiddie! xoxo

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