He’d never hurt me. He’d never do me wrong. He’d never touch another girl. He’d never bring another girl home. These are the things we tell ourselves when we are in love. Well, my world came crashing down when I, stupidly, looked through my boyfriends emails. He had not only committed adultery, he had done in on film in our bed. My mind raced. My heart fell. I felt like I could die right then and there. How could this man, this man that I gave my heart to, hurt me in the worst way possible? This *profanity* girl, with her slutty tramp stamp across her back, had taken my bed and made it into hers. I felt like i didn’t belong in my own home. I forgave him. I forgave him because I, too, had cheated. He had done this because I had driven him to it. I hated myself…but I don’t anymore. Life happens. People hurt you. But it’s the way you handle it that makes you different. No amount of alcohol, crying, or sex can make you forget the feeling of knowing your guy strayed…and also the vivid image replaying through your mind. Your life is no one else’s, it’s yours. I forgave him but I will never forget. Every night when he lies snoring, I cry, and remember that not too long ago he laid another girl. But I’m strong. I’m fine. I’m just jaded.


Thanks in advance for your opinion, pretty kiddie! xoxo

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