Rock Bottom Doesn’t Always Hurt


There comes a point in your life when everything sucks. Everything. Your job, your living situation, your love life, home life and your self esteem. Your self-worth is down the toilet and you feel like absolute shit. The guy you love has been with another woman who, naturally, you hate. The job you loved came crashing down around you because you’re an idiot. The home you loved is full of someone else’s things. All in all, it’s an awful time in your life. Everyone says “get over it” or “snap out of it” but it’s not that fucking easy. It’s so hard to move on when the best is behind you…but it’s not. The future is crazy. The future is hopeful. You do have to “snap out of it” and realize that you just have to keep on living. Living is all we CAN do in this crazy, fucked up world we are in..and we’re all in it together. If you’re lucky, a better job will come, a better apartment…and if you’re REALLY lucky, you’ll get another chance with the man you have never stopped loving.

Thanks in advance for your opinion, pretty kiddie! xoxo

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