Wake n Make It Happen


Good Morning, Bloggers! November 2nd already and the weather here in NY is fantastical. 😉 So here’s the skinny, I’m hosting a “Make It or Break It” contest. Basically, comment/email me photos and a brief caption of you doing something intense! Now,everyone has a different level of fear and excitement so it can really be anything! My example will be posted later today after it is FINALLY achieved…HOORAY! First 3 to post win prize baskets and first place receives a customized t-shirt by #wrappedupinleather and a prize basket worth of $250! Like and follow for more info and for some kick-ass brownie points 😉 enjoy, kids. Go out there and DO IT!


Besties with a Capital B


Besties with a Capital B

We love them. We adore them, at that. We gossip, laugh, cry, hug, share our deepest secrets and at the end of the day we call them our best friends. I’ve always love having a close, tight-knit group of friends who know me better than I even know myself. I trust this group with everything. A mix of guys and girls, those kids KNOW what’s up…even when I have no words. So why blog about this? Because I think that it’s important to shout out the ones you love most. It’s been a trying 4 years, ups and downs-left, right AND center, but they hold me down like no other. Thanks, biffs. You sure know how to put a smile on my face when all I want to do is fall to my knees. I hope everyone’s Halloween was incredible! I enjoyed the Halloween Parade in the East Village, some intense bar-hopping and a BEAUTIFUL sunrise over the skyline- after we snuck onto a hotel rooftop. Slore-Oween 2013 was a success, that’s for damn sure. Night kids, hit me up with questions or requests. I’m going to be starting a seperate blog about certain products I use as a promotional project. Please keep on keepin’ on. I appreciate your e-mails and the contest I informed many of you about is starting MONDAY!!!! Peace and love, pretty kiddies. XOXO



Coffee and Journey. A typical Wednesday night a the Hutch House. I love to listen to my oldies and read blogs online while sitting comfortably in oversized sweats and my ex boyfriend’s hoodie. Fall is glorious for us girls for one reason, and ONE reason only…stolen hoodies. Nothing is more satisfying than sitting around in an ex’s stuff knowing that they want it back. Hell, I have a box labeled “MINE” with hoodies upon hoodies. Sports jackets, sweatshirts, flannel…I’ve got ’em all, and I’m never giving them up. Although, I hate hearing my boyfriend go on and on about how weird it is that I still wear them…and little does he know that I already stole one of his…just in case. Happy Hump Day, kids. I hope your nights are going as well as mine. Also, please message me for information on tickets for Halloween in NYC…$10..you CAN’T beat that, babes! I’m out. XOXO

Fall Living in The Big Apple



Pumpkin patches and rows upon rows of gorgeous, auburn trees…you guessed it, I’m on Long Island. Coming out here reminds me how easy happiness is..and how small all my problems really are. I’ve been enjoying some non-city activities including pumpkin picking, running in a neighborhood, enjoying a backyard and DRIVING! Ah..how sweet it is to get behind the wheel and not worry about city traffic or the shit city drivers 🙂 I remember coming here as a kid and feeling like the character in a Billy Joel song…it’s a sweet feeling to be back in the place it all began. My parents were born here, married here and my brother was surely conceived here (gross.) Strong Island…you will always have my heart.



Well, kids, it’s that lovely time of year again. The time of year when girls get to parade around with their “knockers” and “cooch” hanging out and it’s socially acceptable in all places (not just strip clubs.) Guys LOVE it but, let’s face it, so do us girls. Sexy cop, firefighter, army girl, nurse, you name it-we can “sluttify” it. New York is a glorious place always but ESPECIALLY during the season of ghouls, goblins and pumpkin spice lattes. We’ve got parades, parties, bar crawls and more…but why can’t we all find some common ground? I went to Ricky’s today to look for a costume..not even that, mostly just parts of a costume and it was like a Victoria Secret semi-annual sale on crack. Screaming, hair-pulling…the all-too-ridiculous “I SAW IT FIRST, HOE!” Needless to say, I was scared. I walked to the back, got what I could find without being subject to a bitch-slapping and ran my terrified butt out of the store. Look ladies, we all like to be THE sexiest woman at any place…but if you’re buying a manufactured costume, chances are, someone else is going to show up in it. So just do me a favor and get it together. Let’s join together and make sexier costumes this year and not kill each other in the process. Plus, the more you beat each other up the more likely a mask will be needed…and that’s just not sexy at all.

You Should Stay in New York City – A Letter


Couldn’t have said it better myself! ❤ this SO much.


New Yorker

So you told me that you are thinking about leaving New York. Which, I suppose, plenty of transplants think of doing. It’s not the first time and probably won’t be the last.

But these waves of thoughts were different than before. It was triggered when your sister had her baby, her first child and your first nephew, and you weren’t there. Instead, you spent that Friday checking mousetraps. You met your nephew via Skype. It has also been officially a year since you’ve been here and you’ve reevaluated the facts.

Living in Bed-Stuy is precisely what one could have assumed living in Bed-Stuy to be like, just with more cat-calls from tough guys in groups wondering why you’re so rude for not welcoming their advances. Never has being around so many made you feel so alone. You thought you would have found your Miranda and Charlotte by now, not watching them…

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Me Vs. The World


Me Vs. The World

As growing up goes, I’ve had a pretty great time. Although I’m broke, trying to get to the top and dealing with the ups and downs of life; there is the all too familiar issue- heartbreak. There are songs about it, poems, novels, shows, seminars-you name it-but it never lessens the blow of getting hurt. I recently had my heart stomped to pieces ( the night this lovely selfie was taken) I was happy here and an hour later I was crying outside of a bar, praying this man was going to apologize. He did. I can’t forgive and forget that easily though. We’ve been together for almost 2 years and I love him to pieces. So where do I go now? Should I betray my beliefs and take him back again? Or let myself be upset and work my way back up from the ground? Feel free to post comments or ideas- I need all the help I can get. Need more details of the problem? Thanks loves. ALSO..I posted the link in my previous post about trying to get to Italy. Please donate or pass the word along if you can! Thanks guys! Love you all. Night night, Blog World.