Today for You, Tomorrow for Me


21872_236695264541_500434541_3185794_3716723_nThere are times when the world seems so small it could collapse right before my eyes. But the world isn’t small at all, maybe it’s just my world that is. I’ve been in love, I’ve been in lust, I’ve been rich, I’ve been poor…at the end of the day though, I have always been happy. Sure, I bitch and moan with the best of ’em but what are the good times worth without the bad? This picture is from back home; living in my parent’s house with a warm bed and an abundance of love. Some days I wish I could turn back time and relive those special, precious moments. I’m blessed to have two healthy and incredibly supportive parents, but I miss them. Being so far away makes me feel so lost sometimes. I would kill for a hug and a smile from them both. The reassurance they give me is unlike anything else I’ve ever felt. How do parents do this? I empathize so dearly with those who have no parents, or one parent, or even one or two parents who couldn’t give a rat’s ass about them. I would surely not be the woman I am today without my father’s stern but loving grip and my mother’s advice and undying support. I wish that anyone who was not so fortunate could have what I have. That’s why I’m starting a campaign. It’s called, ” Family Love” and it is a monthly family field day to raise money for adoption centers so that loving, willing parents can adopt children who have nowhere to go. If you are interested in donating, helping or you just want more information please e-mail me at the address: YOUR support could change lives…forever. The field day is taking place in Central Park at the end of the month, so if you live or frequent the NY area PLEASE come show your support. Even a dollar could help.