Coffee and Journey. A typical Wednesday night a the Hutch House. I love to listen to my oldies and read blogs online while sitting comfortably in oversized sweats and my ex boyfriend’s hoodie. Fall is glorious for us girls for one reason, and ONE reason only…stolen hoodies. Nothing is more satisfying than sitting around in an ex’s stuff knowing that they want it back. Hell, I have a box labeled “MINE” with hoodies upon hoodies. Sports jackets, sweatshirts, flannel…I’ve got ’em all, and I’m never giving them up. Although, I hate hearing my boyfriend go on and on about how weird it is that I still wear them…and little does he know that I already stole one of his…just in case. Happy Hump Day, kids. I hope your nights are going as well as mine. Also, please message me for information on tickets for Halloween in NYC…$ CAN’T beat that, babes! I’m out. XOXO


Falling Again


Falling Again

It’s amazing how quickly the seasons change in New York. One second you’re grabbing sandals and a chic sundress and running to a picnic in the park, the next, you’re dodging snow plows and praying that the building cranks up the damn heat! But then again, it’s moments like this that remind me that I am lucky to be hear. My debt, tears, rejection and starvation seem to drift away when you’re sipping a pumpkin spiced latte and breathing in the intoxicating scents of fall. Ahhhh…