Well, kids, it’s that lovely time of year again. The time of year when girls get to parade around with their “knockers” and “cooch” hanging out and it’s socially acceptable in all places (not just strip clubs.) Guys LOVE it but, let’s face it, so do us girls. Sexy cop, firefighter, army girl, nurse, you name it-we can “sluttify” it. New York is a glorious place always but ESPECIALLY during the season of ghouls, goblins and pumpkin spice lattes. We’ve got parades, parties, bar crawls and more…but why can’t we all find some common ground? I went to Ricky’s today to look for a costume..not even that, mostly just parts of a costume and it was like a Victoria Secret semi-annual sale on crack. Screaming, hair-pulling…the all-too-ridiculous “I SAW IT FIRST, HOE!” Needless to say, I was scared. I walked to the back, got what I could find without being subject to a bitch-slapping and ran my terrified butt out of the store. Look ladies, we all like to be THE sexiest woman at any place…but if you’re buying a manufactured costume, chances are, someone else is going to show up in it. So just do me a favor and get it together. Let’s join together and make sexier costumes this year and not kill each other in the process. Plus, the more you beat each other up the more likely a mask will be needed…and that’s just not sexy at all.